The Most Advanced Light Socket Security Camera™

Have better peace of mind when away from your house, business, warehouse or family.

How Does

The Light Socket Security Camera Work?

Click the “Play” button below to fully understand how the Light Socket Security Camera™ will install in seconds and give you 24/7 protection where you need it most!

As you can now see, the Light Socket Security Camera™ install in seconds, requires no wiring, contractors or monthly fees.
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24/7 Protection

When You Need It Most!

360° Panoramic Camera

With the scroll of your thumb you’ll be able to view 360° with 1080P high quality video

IR Night Vision Camera

Don’t miss a thing at night! View high quality night time video during pitch blackness

Motion Detect Alert

Receive motion alerts to your iPhone or Android device when a human is detected

Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Bulb

Connect to your Wi-Fi in seconds with the easy to use iPhone and Android app

24/7 Smartphone Monitoring

Securely view your cameras from around the world using our most advanced app.

Plug & Play Installation

Start recording in seconds with our quick install QR scan technology

Smart Security

Solution for Your Home and Work

2.4G Wi-Fi

Easy Installation

1080P HD

Motion Detection

24/7 Recording

Micro SD Slot

Monitor Home / Office From Anywhere In The World

The WiFi enabled smart light bulb lets you monitor & secure your every corner home or office and get a real-time feed right on your smartphone, no matter where you are.

WiFi Enabled

Easy Set Up

One-Time Cost

Security In Your Palm Free App Access

Integrate seamlessly with our FREE mobile app, giving you full control over each of your cameras and microphones. Scroll between cameras, and operate the 2-way intercom system just like a video call, from anywhere in the world.

iOS & Android

One Access For


Motion-Detected Alerts For Real Time Safety & Action

When set to motion detection, it sends real-time alerts of any activity in the area via the app & email – letting you take swift action. It works great for communicating with the delivery guy & also prevents break-ins & theft!

Motion Detection

Automatic Alarm

2 Way HQ Audio

Now You Can Have an

Affordable Security Camera Anywhere You Need One!

The Light Socket Security Camera™ works anywhere you can screw in a light bulb and works on any iPhone or Android device!

Prevent Break-Ins & Thefts

Receive notifications on your phone when motion is detected inside or outside your home!

Protection from Porch Pirates

Scare off thieves with motion detection alarm and voice commands.

Baby, Pet & Senior Safety

Closely monitor loved once via your iPhone or Android devices.

Office Surveillance

Have full eyes on your barn, seconds home, warehouse and office space when you’re away.

The Light Socket Security Camera

Includes The Same Features As Big Box Stores For A Third Of The Price

360° Panoramic Camera

The Light Socket Security Camera™ can rotate a full 360° and vertical 120° making sure nothing escapes its view.


Setup takes seconds. No wires or contractors needed. Simply install in any light bulb socket and start monitoring instantly.

Human Motion Detection

Receive alerts to your Android or iPhone device when motion is tracked by the Light Docket Security Camera.

High Quality Night Vision

View a clear high quality video image in pitch dark areas.


250,000+ Raving Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is by far the #1 question we get from consumers looking at grabbing our light. We recommend watching the entire video above (14 mins) to see how the the Light Socket Security Camera™ will work for you!
No, you don’t have to subscribe to Cloud Services. You can easily insert a 64 GB SD Card that will hold all the footage the camera captures. When the storage is full, it will cycle the the storage and record new footage over the oldest recorded footage.
Yes! The Light Socket Security Camera™ can be used Indoors or Outdoors under a covered area. You’ll want to keep the camera away from getting wet.

Yes! The Light Socket Security Camera™ is compatible with all iPhone and Android devices. Once the Light Socket Security Camera™ is delivered, you’ll open your camera and scan the QR Code. That QR code will have your smart phone download the appropriate app for the Light Socket Security Camera™. From there you’ll easily connect all cameras purchased to your app. You can view all cameras once connected from your device.

Yes! The cameras are shareable across devices. You can share the cameras with family members, business owners, and employees that need to have access to the cameras.
No, the Light Socket Security Camera™ stores your set position. When the electric goes out and comes back on, the Light Socket Security Camera™ will recalibrate. From there it will go to the last set position the admin gave it. For example, if you were to set the position of the camera to be looking an an entry way and the power goes out, the camera would reboot and reset to the door entry view.
Camera resolution is 1080p.